Focus on Recession Resistant Real Estate Asset Classes

Smart Capital’s investment strategy begins with extensive research and finding the right markets and value-add assets to pursue. We leverage technology tools to identify opportunities in markets with an expanding local economy.

Why we love multifamily?


Once we have identified the property through our research, we go through an extensive due-diligence process as part of our acquisition process. After we close, we put the operating business plan in motion providing complete transparency to investors.

Smart Capital Analytics in Real Estate


Identify growth markets with strong employment and demographic trends  
Collaborate with experienced partners with proven track records of success  
Perform comprehensive due diligence and create a business plan to increase income and valuation
YOU get to see all the due diligence reports



Rehab interiors / exteriors in the first 12-18 months
Re-brand the property to attract higher quality tenants and higher rents
While we do the heavy lifting YOU get to sit back and enjoy the cash flow distributions. The accelerated depreciation based on cost segregation studies allow for significant tax advantages, which YOU get to enjoy as a partner in the deal



Have property appraised and look to capitalize on the newly created value 
Once we have raised the asset valuation, YOU get a significant Return of Capital from refinancing and continue to get the cash flows

Smart Capital Acquisition


Monitor the market and look for an opportunistic sale of the property to meet or exceed investor expectations
At sale, YOU get the remaining of your capital back plus a share of profits