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What others are saying

Raj at Smart Capital is extremely knowledgeable in the surfacing Real Estate investment opportunities often working with an extensive network of partners across the nation ! He is extremely transparent, scheduling regular investor update calls, and meet ups in the Boston area for those interested in Real Estate multi-family investment opportunities. He's awesome and passionate about what he does and it's a pleasure working with him!
Arvind Mathur
Senior Executive working in the Pharmaceuticals Industry, Boston, MA
Raj brings energy and excitement to our asset, his ability to cultivate innovative ideas for property level operations make him a great partner and client.
Lori Lindley, CAPS and Courtney, CAM
Founders of MLDC Management - Houston, TX
Recently, I was fortunate to partner with Raj on an acquisition in Texas. Raj is a true team player, who is intimately involved in the property. He also possess many characteristics that not only make me value him as a partner, but also as a friend. I look forward to partnering with him on future acquisitions!
Ashley Wilson
Bar Down Investments, Newtown Square, PA
“Working with Raj has been a great experience because he provides his investors great opportunities to get educated in the multifamily space and has constant communication on how the projects are doing. I also have been coming to the meetups that he hosts and he does a great job educating people on how to invest passively in multifamily syndication”.
Julian Ramirez Luna
Professional Tennis coach and Smart Capital Investor, Weston, MA
Raj is an honest, transparent, dedicated, smart and bright. We have followed and admired the well-deserved success he has had with Smart Capital in the past few years. This success is backed by a systematic approach, use of state-of-the art technology and sound judgement. We are fortunate to be Smart Capital investors and are looking forward to a long-term partnership with Smart Capital.
Arvind and Geetanjali
Senior Technologists, Avid Hikers and Smart Capital Investors - Portland, OR
#1 Raj is awesome. I love the time and effort that he puts into researching every opportunity. I get very excited whenever Raj posts a new deal. I don't always have the money to invest but I wish that I did. For Due Diligence, Market Research, and More, Smart Capital gets an A+.
Frank Patalano
Former Teacher and Co-Host of "The Cashflow Kings" Podcast, Providence, RI