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Smart Capital helps you diversify your investment portfolio through real estate investing. Leveraging our expertise in both technology and real estate, we curate an exclusive collection of investment opportunities that allow you to passively build wealth for your families while also making an impact on communities and the environment.

Smart Capital Partners
Smart Capital Partners
Smart Capital Partners

Are you a busy professional who works hard to make money but finds it hard to make your money work for you? Volatility of the stock market too much for you? Have you been considering investing in real estate but don’t want to deal with the ‘3 Ts’ – Tenants, Toilets and Trash? Do you want to build wealth through passive income streams, so you can live life on your terms? If so, you have come to the right place.

8 PIECES OF PIE: 8 bite-sized lessons on Passive Investor Education and achieving Financial Freedom through Real Estate.

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    Raj is an honest, transparent, dedicated, smart and bright. We have followed and admired the well-deserved success he has had with Smart Capital in the past few years. This success is backed by a systematic approach, use of state-of-the art technology and sound judgement. We are fortunate to be Smart Capital investors and are looking forward to a long-term partnership with Smart Capital.
    Arvind and Geetanjali
    Senior Technologists, Avid Hikers and Smart Capital Investors - Portland, OR
    #1 Raj is awesome. I love the time and effort that he puts into researching every opportunity. I get very excited whenever Raj posts a new deal. I don't always have the money to invest but I wish that I did. For Due Diligence, Market Research, and More, Smart Capital gets an A+.
    Frank Patalano
    Former Teacher and Co-Host of "The Cashflow Kings" Podcast, Providence, RI
    Raj's passion, knowledge and integrity is why we invested with him and Smart Capital. His willingness to share information is very evident from his regular meetups in the Boston area. He is very thorough on opportunities that he presents and very meticulous about following up. We look forward to continue investing alongside him.
    Jasmine Sahney and Navjit Bhasin
    Business Owner & CEO, Smart Capital Investors - Shrewsbury, MA

    Raj is a person of extreme integrity

    Michelle Oppelt

    Successful Owner of Multiple Businesses, Real Estate Professional, Co-founder of Multifamily Women’s Mastermind – Memphis, TN

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